I am the director and an educator at The Bay School of Art.

Environment and simplicity are a recurring theme in my life. I want to honour & make aware, our natural environment plays in life from a universal perspective. My objective is to create space in my paintings for the viewer to weave themselves into, with a sense of mystery while at the same time, a sense of place & connectedness at a deeper level.

My work is about capturing the essence of landscape. I am inspired mainly by the Atlantic coast lines and expansive landscapes around the Georgian Triangle, but the work is not held to specific places or scenes. They are an intuitive & energetic response to a collective imprint of water & landscape. I feed off the immediate energy & emotion of a piece. Starting with no specific plan, only a vague idea of mood, imagery & colour paletteā€¦then the painting evolves as a dialogue and I let it take the lead, only inputing as it requests.

With warm under painted tones, and viscous layers of oil paint applied with the knife, the painting evolves & takes on a life of its own.


Painting by Sue A. Miller